Inorganic Blossoming “Autumndrones”

Quiet contemplative harmonic ambient with mild noise accompaniment and rare glimpses of mysterious melodies.

Released in cooperation with Infinite Fog Production
and Tchernaya zemlya (Black soil) (Vegvisir Music sublabel).

  • Catalog number: 7HZ 03 D
  • Release date: October 7, 2010
  • Total length: 27:55
  • Medium: CD (ltd. 292)

19 copies left.

The CD is packen in DVD-size corrugated cardboard sleeve with a dry leaf.
Design: bpxF5Lae.

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“Autumndrones” — is a name which belongs to two musicians from Kemerovo – Becoming and Freeall. They both have done soundtracks for short films, music for theatre plays and sound for commercials.

“Autumndrones” — can be explained as a love to autumn. They did not want to dedicate the music to this season, they wanted to write it. Therefore they music was written during the fall only, and when the first autumn passed they left the unfinished material until the next one. That is why the work took them 3 years. Almost all the sounds you can here were recorded in the natural way, these are autumn sounds. The whole mood of the album went through this season, even live instruments, such as violin and accordion, were recorded in fields along with the leaves noise.

It is well known the more you watch the more you can effect the process, there for those who want to hear the wood noise, will hear the sound of leaves, while walking, and then the breathing. This album is the reunification of the autumn and a human reaction on it, the sound of nature and the human together. And the human can hardly be heard, there is no aggression or technogenesis. Only echo, weak and almost dissolving in the autumn wind, tells us about the human presence.

“Autumndrones” — is three compositions long record, 28 minutes of mild ambient, careful noise and accidental melodies, the mix of leaves rustle, wind blow and analogue synthesizers’ singing. This is melancholy, doldrums and infinity.

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