Pulsacium “Spaces of Antarctic”

Ambient full of cold and estrangement.

  • Catalog number: 7HZ 04 iD
  • Release date: February 5, 2011
  • Total length: 38:46
  • Medium: mp3/flac-files

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Cover face: Siberian Husky (Husky Haven Back To Trillium Blues, Nord Heart nursery). Photo: Tatyana Kozlovskaya (KOFEstudio, Moscow).

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Pulsacium is a drone ambient project from Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Dmitry Romanov is the unique participant of the project. He characterizes his style as cold ambient. The album «Spaces of Antarctic» has been recorded from desire to plunge into the world of the most mysterious and not enough searched continent of Earth — Antarctica.

The nature of Antarctic attracts the snow-white beauty and frightens of the mysteriousness at the same time. Only little part of people was possible to get acquainted with the nature of this ice continent alive. The album «Spaces of Antarctic» draws sound landscapes of Antarctic, aspiring to pass its atmosphere and mentally to ship the listener in this fine ice uncertainty.

Tracks « Boundless Spaces of Antarctic », «Peaks» and «Land-Ward» represent abstract landscapes, among which snowy silent deserts, tops of icebergs, shouts of gulls on coast. Two remained tracks are devoted to separate geographical objects. The track «Sovetskaya» carries the name of the same subglacial lake in Antarctica, «Erebus» is named in honour of the most southern volcano on the Earth.

Listen to an album, include the imagination and plunge into an atmosphere of the unthinkable.

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