Sal Solaris “Zwielicht”

Dense power ambient.

Released in cooperation with KultFront label.

  • Catalog number: 7HZ 06 D / iD
  • Release date: December 15, 2011
  • Total length: 33:28
  • Medium: CD (ltd. 88 copies)

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Sal Solaris

Zwielicht is a sketch for Tenebrae – the album in collaboration with Majdanek Waltz and Sal Solaris. This work is devoted to the German poet Paul Celan. Tenebrae was released in spring of 2011 as a result of consecutive processing of the material. This is a sound interpretation by Sal Solaris of the material which was recorded by Majdanek Waltz.

In opinion of publishers of Zwielicht, sometimes we need to stop in the way to gain one’s end. Intermediate material seemed to them so original, and they adopted a decision to release it by an individual CD in the end of 2011.

The publishers think this sketch for Tenebrae characterized by not only complete form. Also, this recordings help a listener to feel an authority of illusion – so important term for the XXI century.

Zwielicht (german)
1. Double light; simultaneous illumination by natural and artificial light.
2. Twilight

Tenebrae (latin)
1. Darkness, pitch black.
2. Prime and loudes on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during the Passion week in Roman-Catholic church. On custom candles are extinguished gradually during the reading of psalms, and then darkness comes symbolizing the death of Jesus.

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[...] Sal Solaris haben fraglos absolute Klasse und legen mit diesem Tondokument gewohnt starke Kost vor, die in diesem Fall aber auch schwer begrenzt erscheint; es sei denn, man entscheidet sich für den Download [...]

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