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Yansen “Schamanensang”

Window to the shamanic mysteries. Ethnic/Shamanic Ambient.

  • Catalog number: 7HZ 07 iD
  • Release date: September 23, 2012
  • Total length: 36:14 + 39:09
  • Medium: mp3/wav files

Free internet-release.

Face of album - ugra shamanic tambourine of Sergey Charkov.

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SCHAMANENSANG – (ger.) “Song of the Shaman”. The eighth album of Berlin One Man Project by Alexei Tikhonov – “Yansen”.

The combination of shamanic mysteries is a logical continuation of the previous works by Yansen, but this is the first entirely Ethnic / Shamanic edition.

For recordings a lot of natural musical instruments has been used - Jew's harps from all over the continent (from Austria and ending with Vietnam), the shaman's drum, Peruvian Indian flutes, Slavic whistles, gopihand, didgeridoo and many others, as well as different techniques of throat singing (used by Tuvan, Khakass and Mongolian shamans).

Bonus track is “live shamanic ritual” by Yansen.

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